DACA. What you need to know and how you can help.

DACA – Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals. An initiative created in 2012 by Obama. He decided to create this program for those undocumented children currently residing in the United States illegally, under no fault of their own. In order to qualify however, there are certain procedures an individual must undergo beforehand. Congress has six months to determine what’ll happen to the 800,000 people who are currently protected by DACA. I have chosen a couple of sources to summarize and find some information about DACA.

Source 1: https://www.brookings.edu/wpcontent/uploads/2016/06/DACA_singer_svajlenka_FINAL.pdf

Source 2: http://escholarship.org/uc/item/3060d4z3#page-3 – here you can find some very informative statistics.

To qualify for the DACA program, applicants must meet the following criteria:

  • Have arrived in the United States prior to age 16.
  • Have continuously resided in the United States without legal status since June 15, 2007.
  • Be less than age 31 as of June 15, 2012 and at least age 15 at application (unauthorized immigrants under 15 but in removal proceedings are also eligible to apply)
  • Be currently enrolled in school, have graduated high school or obtained a general
    development certificate (GED), or be an honorably discharged veteran.
  • Have not been convicted of a felony or multiple or serious misdemeanors and not pose a threat to national security or public safety.

Source: United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS)

Some reasons for obtaining DACA: 

  • Finishing High School and deciding the next step may prompt more individuals to apply for DACA in order to gain in-state tuition for college/university.
  • Younger individuals want to apply sooner because they can prove that they have been living continuously in their parents homes since 2007 and have a permanent address.
  • Obtaining a driver license – which is allowable in 45 states.


  • “DACA applicants should go back to their country”
    • Actually, while most of the applicants are from Mexico, many are also from 192 different countries. Furthermore, these undocumented children are ones who came into the country at an age that does not allow them to remember anything about the country they came from.
  • “Why can’t they just apply for citizenship?”
    • DACA gives them the right to work and attend school/higher education. However, it does not grant them a path to citizenship. In order to gain citizenship, these individuals as well as others who want to be a citizen in the United States must apply for Permanent Residency (A green card) first. Only after five years of having a green card can an individual then apply for citizenship. But these individuals must first have obtained a visa to legally enter the country. Therefore, DACA is not a visa that is the starting point to obtaining permanent residency, then citizenship.
  • “What can happen under DACA?”
    • DACA can actually be revoked at any point in time the government sees fit.
    • It requires individuals to reapply every two years, but can also be applied for the first time at any point throughout the year.
    • It does not offer a path to permanent residency or citizenship.
    • One must obtain proof of when they entered into the country and how long they have been residing in it.
  • “Do we qualify for Federal Medicaid?”
    • No, unfortunately young immigrants with DACA do not qualify for it.


Ways to help and #defendDACA –

  1. Directly texting your state representative: A company called Resistbot has made it so easy to do that. All you have to do is text Resist to 50409. From there, Resistbot will ask you for your address and then tell you who your representatives are. After that, you just text “fax” and Resistbot asks you what you want to say to them.
  2. Contacting Senators: Senators
  3. Contacting Congress: Congress


Take to social media and express your outrage, the unfairness and the cruelty with trying to end this program. Show that this program matters to everyone in the United States. Have some compassion for the individuals that were brought into a country without their consent simply to lead a better life. These children are at no fault for the actions of their parents. Ask yourself, how far would your parents go to ensure you had a better life?

Thank you and please feel free to share, comment, discuss more ways to help. I can revise this post as well to add more information/correct anything so please do not hesitate to reach out.



A new year, a new post.

Wow, I have really been out of the writing and blog post game a minute and for that I deeply apologize. Lets just say that life as taken some unexpected turns these past few months…

In October, I started my first big girl job. One that has enabled me to get my butt up bright and early in the morning, grab a giant cup of coffee and eagerly begin working. However, I’d have to say in my four years of University nobody prepared me for the back ache that comes with sitting at a desk chair all day, or the absurd amount of money I would spend on random trips to the local crepe place. Everyone at the office obsesses over going to lunch (for two hour at a time) and indulging in some of the best desserts around. I may not have a lot of responsibilities going for me yet, but damn a girls gotta save some money and say no to the inner voice telling me to have another donut.

Once I started working here, I have become a robot – numb to staring at my computer all day and snacking. My mom has always said I eat terribly, and I do (my dentist frickin hates me), but I swear I haven’t drank more coffee and had more sweets up until I started this job. I am huge tea drinker too, but I noticed that matcha powder, the one thing I want to drink is insanely expensive! It is the masarati of teas if you will. I went to Costco the other day to make a conscious effort to be healthier and buy a bag of matcha powder…thirty fuckin dollars…THIRTY!! For a bag that was mostly AIR! No wonder people gravitate towards cheap coffee and a bag of chips – that shit is way worse for you but wayyyy cheaper.

Other than the downright disrespect for my health and wallet, I am really focusing on myself and trying to cut the negativity and bs from my life… It’s less healthy to keep all of that in your life and allow it to control every part of you. Guess what doing that did for me? I have a great group of friends and people who are there to help me succeed and I have NEVER had that in my life. Never was able to trust enough people for that sort of thing either, but I have come a long way and I challenge you to make a conscious effort to notice when you are speaking negatively, or surrounding yourself with negativity.

I guess this is mostly a catch up post on my life. Other than that I am trying to be more fiscally responsible whilst still consciously avoiding commitment to any relationship (i am allergic to men and real friends).


More to come…


I’m back and I am confused.

So, when I started this whole thing I was in a place at the beginning of the summer that was all about studying for my GRE, trying to find a job, trying to seem less of “waste of space.” However, this entire summer was spent freaking the fuck out about my GRE and doing somewhat average and not really killing it in anyone particular area besides essay writing – SHOCKER. I really did look for jobs, but I just felt like I was looking for something to fill some sort of moronic void, not something that could potentially be a good learning opportunity. This Friday I have an interview and I am extremely nervous because I kind of need a job to help pay rent to my dad at the end of the month and if I do not get this potential job I will have to settle for something extremely degrading. I have nothing against manual labor, but I know I can do so much more.

OH and to add to the shit storm, guys I turn 22 next week. My mother was already one full year into motherhood at 22 and I am still feeling like a child myself. I understand that finding what you want to do in life and what is best for you is something that eventually everyone discovers and that’s what your 20’s are for, but god damn when all my friends are finding bomb ass jobs and I’m over here struggling it makes sense for me to be seriously jealous and lost. I honestly feel like I am so alone in this and I know I’m not considering the millions of people who lead a “started from the bottom and now they’re here” sort of lifetstyle, but I WANNA BE THERE ALREADY.

It will take sometime for me to figure out how to get there, of course, that’s a given. But I guess for now I will write all my feelings on here.

(i’ll be back soon with less depressing stuff soon…hopefully.)

Politics? How do you stay impartial?

Now, I know what you maybe thinking: “Politics? How on earth can someone be impartial when literally everyone has an opinion on it?” Well, of course you cannot be fully impartial to what is happening around you and the things that you see being introduced or put into place. But you can inform others of what is really going on without really showing how you feel about the matter.

Take for example, the current situation in the United States with President Trump and “Trumpcare” Everyone, and I mean everyone has an opinion on this, whether it be good or bad. However, in most situations Trump cannot even be brought up without a resounding, “he’s an idiot!” and “how did he even get elected??” but there is some positive to speaking about what is going on with him. Most millenials and past generations found politics difficult to discuss and confusing, therefore they did not talk about it much with their peers and family members. This confusion, however, brought about a stigma that politics was much too bothersome to learn about, hence millenials lost all interest. Consequently, the run up to Trump’s election brought about a true interest in Politics again. This was an election with two individuals that were not seen in the public eye as suitable candidates because you had someone who hid important information from the public and someone who had never been surrounded by politics. More than ever, students, parents, and peers were discussing the election and finally the presidency because either way it was making and has made history.

I want to bring awareness to real, impartial, views on Politics and show that there is more to the presidency, local matters, and global affairs than what people see on twitter or other sources they choose to go too. So, this is the beginning of impartial political discussions; ones I hope will be interesting and somewhat informative.


What happened in college pt.2

Now, continuing on from where we left off; BOYFRIENDS. I wanted to start this part two by going a little bit more in depth about relationships and their quirky perks and the horrible cons…

It all began for me literally a week into my first semester at my University. I was going out dancing with a friend and she decided that she wanted to invite her old best guy friend from high school along. Me, being totally single and alone at the time was totally game and up for maybe a little fun. I, however was not prepared for him to turn into my first real love and loooonnngggggg term (too long) relationship. So, she called him up and he came over wearing this god awful shirt (one that I banished to the depths of his closet in the proceeding year we were together) and we started talking. We ended up at a hookah bar all night dancing and listening to some really good music – I was intrigued.

By the end of the night I had already given him my snapchat and sent him the first of many snaps to come that night saying “You da realest”. Now I remember what I said only because for the entire year he wouldn’t shut up about me calling me him that; he literally basked in the glow of being “the realest”…boy please. Anyways, a couple of weeks of us talking we went out on our first actual date. It was nice, cute and romantic, I found out a lot about him and he about me. We went back to his apartment and just watched movies and ended up falling asle–skrrrttt let me stop this story right here and say this is where ya gurl, messed up. Before we fell asleep it slipped out that he was going to be away that following weekend, which I didn’t really take much notice too until he said: “too bad I’ll be away from my girlfriend the first weekend we’ve become a couple…” Did this…did this boy just say I was his girlfriend without actually informing me, the girl, that I was possibly becoming a girlfriend that night. OMG ARE YOU SERIOUS?!?!? I was obviously taken aback by his outburst and said, “oh, so we’re official?” *in my head* “WTF WE JUST WENT OUT ON OUR FIRST DATE….THAT WAS UNO DATEEEEEE!!!” and he said, “yeah, I would totally consider you my girlfriend now.” In this very moment, the angel and devil on my shoulders were talking to me…

Angel: “gurrlll he’s so adorable, rich and treats you so well, give it a shot! What’s there to lose?”

Devil: “nuh uh hunty, this is going to be a year of total suffering and having to worry about him rather that actually figuring out your stuff first. Don’t you do it.”


Why I chose to share this story is because at the time I did not have the willpower to reject him and keep focusing on myself and what was important. Rather, I found it comforting that someone wanted me again, someone that was saying all the right things and treating me how I always wanted to be treated by a boy. What I failed to realize was that I was giving up my freedom to study whenever and wherever I wanted, to talk to whomever I wanted and to mingle; actually make friends for once in my sad little boring life. Don’t get me wrong, being with him taught me a lot about myself, what I want in a man, and what I truly deserve in a relationship. I know that no man should be the epicenter of my existence, nor should he be the only person I rely on whenever things get tough. I needed to learn to love myself, and I get it, everyone says that “love yourself” crap all the time, but it’s actually true. Once I learned to do my makeup and hair better I was starting to come out of my shell more and be more outspoken. Once, I made friends with people because I turned off the “world is out to get me vibe” I was becoming happier with the person I was becoming.

College, is a time for you to literally find that person within yourself. Find that inner Goddess or God that will push you to the best of your ability, that will persevere when things aren’t looking up, that will challenge all societal norms. Find that person, and your whole life begins to take shape in front of you. Before you know it, you’re viewing campus and the people in it not as random strangers everywhere somehow surviving the piling homework in front of them, but rather individuals just like you. Do not take college for granted, use it to take the time to truly love yourself and think about what YOU really want out of life. It’s four years of pure bliss.


be you boo.

Hey guys

I just want to start my first post by stating some key points that I am probably going to get questioned on.

  1. I did not attend a super liberal University, in fact it was one of the most conservative Universities in this country.
  2. I am not here to bash anyone specifically, but rather express my point of view of life inside a modern day University and life outside of one.
  3. I will be 22 years old in September, so by no means am I full of any sort of wisdom people tell you get as you get older.
  4. I am human, so are you. Sometimes, I may say somethings that is not normal and maaayyybbeeee a little controversial, but just bear with me or don’t read.

Anyways, let’s begin.

A topic that most people haven’t delved into much is: “What is college really like?” People assume that you will be attending parties every weekend, hooking up with the hottest people or casually walking into an 8am a tad bit hungover. College is not exactly like the movies or the shows where everyone is always well dressed and making new friends everyday. I know, big shocker. I am not saying that going to college is a waste of time or anything (your parents would kill me if I told you that), but I am saying that it isn’t as easy to make friends or attend parties as one may think. Neither, are all the professors carefree about attendance…some of them actually take attendance like we’re five AND count it as a grade. UGH! What I mean is, if you do not join clubs or social groups then you are pretty much going to be deemed a complete loner. Do not get me wrong joining clubs is actually beneficial and will look realllyyy good on your resume for post grad, but if you aren’t a good multi-tasker then attending all these meetings and social events will get in the way of focusing on the more important things – like studying.

I remember my first semester of college I wanted to join every single club known to man in the hopes that I would make “lifelong” friends. Boy was I wrong. I met some great people, but damn these kids are harsh and ruthless… they were out to be the best and would do anything to knock anyone out of their way. It was a cool learning experience, but I wasn’t happy in any of the clubs I joined because none of them personified me. Now a little insight into me, well, I consider myself a laid-back person, someone approachable. However, not a lot of people do, so I end up not being able to make friends and find a lot of my peers are a little too stuck up for me. So ever since high school and carrying into college, I could not find anyone I really clicked with (that is until I met my roomie, but that’s another story for a different day).

I did attend a few parties here and there, but I have never been that socialite that got invited to literally everything under the sun. I didn’t really get invited to anything for the first year of college because I was too busy with my new boyfriend of the time. *sidenote* DO NOT GET A BOYFRIEND AS SOON AS YOU GET TO COLLEGE!!!! You’ll spend all your time with them and none actually making friends or studying…sigh. Unless you’re one of those people that can balance everything and still remain sane, then by all means. But please, for the rest of us average humans, wait until you’ve settled in a bit before jumping into a relationship, trussttt me on this!

College is a fun place to be, but do not take an 8 am for the life of you! You won’t make it. Do not be shy to talk to that cute boy/girl across the room in the library because more likely than not he/she was checking you out too. BE BOLD, BE BRAVE, AND BE YOU. It is fun, but it’s challenging and one hell of a ride.

to be continued…